What is the difference between a mini projector and a regular projector? Technology advances by leaps and bounds every day, so much so that sometimes we are unaware of some advances such as the mini led projector and modern regular projectors. Let us find out the difference between these two projectors.

About Mini Projector:

A Mini Projector has been on the market for a long time. Although it is little known, this being the mini projector and although its original name is pico projector. Another name given to the device is a portable or pocket projector.

It is a device that allows us to project images. Its function is the same as the projector normally used in offices or universities. But it offers us more “comfort”.

The current reason for its fame is its prices. While some can be outrageously expensive, others offer good image quality and affordable prices. The characteristics of the microprojector are varied, where you can find some that are quite favorable and others not so much.

Mini projectors are rechargeable and there is no need to connect them to a socket. They have internal storage, a point in favor for these devices since movies, videos or necessary information can be stored.

The mini projectors have characteristics that make them adapt to the new needs of the human being, being necessary nowadays. Its weight and dimensions make it comfortable to transport and being autonomous in energy are what is raising its fame.

Regular Projector

About Regular Projector:

It is used to visualize the information sent by the computer on a flat and large surface. The regular projector can be used in homes, classes, conferences, exhibitions, etc. Since for this activity, the screen of a Laptop or a CRT monitor of a computer is very small for viewing from a distance. The digital projector has replaced conventional acetate projectors.

It is the luminosity that it is capable of projecting. The measurement used is the Lumen (unit of measurement of the luminous flux).

The resolution of such projectors is powerful. A regular projector offers the maximum number of pixels that can be displayed without loss of image definition. It is measured in pixels or Megapixels.

Various model of the projector has been launched in the market that has the ability to project stereoscopic images. From the required 3D sources, for viewing at the user level with glasses, and even create the effect from 2D sources.

Also, it comes with remote control. Because the projectors should preferably be placed in a fixed position, on many occasions they are placed on special supports on walls or ceilings. For this reason, they must have a remote control.

DLP or LCD technology?

You should know that all the projectors on the market work with one of the following technologies: DLP or LCD. Among them, DLP technology has greater qualities because it offers: More colors (it has the RGB and CMYK color).

So, you can reproduce your graphics and presentations with greater clarity. Higher contrast, giving you a very obvious difference between blacks and whites.

Less color fading over the life of your projector. Fewer expenses as DLP do not require filters as their optical system is sealed. This translates into less investment in maintenance.

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