If you are wondering that the mini projectors are worth it or not, well we must say that it is worth it. Despite its size, the result that the device of this type achieves is surely going to surprise you.

Yes, you will surely enjoy the characteristics of a high-performance projector. The main advantage of mini projectors is their size. But also maintenance. That is to say, being led (or even laser) technology, they do not require us to change the traditional light bulb after a few years. Thus, extending its useful life. At the same time, they are more ecological and consume less energy than a traditional light bulb.

However, its big drawback is brightness. And is that if we want a powerful mini projector, we will have to raise the price quite a bit. Natively the LED light source achieves less power than a traditional bulb.

Mini Projectors

What is a mini projector and what are its characteristics? 

Mini projectors have emerged thanks to LED technology, which has replaced the traditional lamp with LED bulbs. Thus, occupying a lot of space and developing more compact models. Hence, they are also called “mini-led projectors”. As for its operation, it is the same as a normal one, and they use the same technologies.

Which mini projectors to buy, how to choose it? 

Before starting to buy a mini led projector, you must know the use you want to give it. If you want a toy, go for the cheap ones. If it is for home theater, try to go to the mid-range, starting at $ 200 and up.

And if you need one to make customer presentations or give classes, better go to the upper-middle-range, from $ 500 onwards. Or else you will not have enough features to be able to use it with ambient light. Or that it has enough quality for several people to see it comfortably.

Pocket Projectors:

Mini pocket projectors are very small devices, designed to be carried comfortably. Here you must be aware that its size is a feature that is also paid so that with equal benefits, a normal size will always be cheaper.

They are those that weigh around 500 grams and are not more than 20 cm long.

Portable projectors:

The mini portable projectors, unlike the previous ones, occupy and weigh a little more. Thanks to this, they offer us better benefits, and although we cannot keep them in a pocket, they are also comfortable enough to easily transport them from one place to another.

Therefore, if you do not mind that they are the smallest, here you will find options with better benefits at similar prices.

Thanks to this projection technology, it has been possible to develop these compact devices that weigh 1kg or less. With a traditional lamp, it would be impossible. Therefore, whenever we talk about a mini projector, by the nose it is a mini led projector. They’re synonyms.

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